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Università della Tuscia

The University of Tuscia (UNITUS) is a public medium size university (counting 300 teaching and 300 administrative staff members taking care of about 10.000 students) active at all levels of studies: undergraduate, masters, PhDs and specialization schools. UNITUS was established in 1979 and comprises 7 departments: DISUCOM (human sciences and communication); DISTU (linguistic, literary, historical, legal and communication studies of Europe); DISBEC (cultural heritage sciences); DEIM (economy and enterprise); DEB (biological and ecological sciences); DAFNE (science and technology for agriculture, forests, nature and energy); DIBAF (Innovation of biological, agrifood and forestry system). UNITUS, strongly integrated on the territory, is a partner in CRUI and CRUL and interrelated with the Italian Ministry of Environment. Several collaborative projects are carried out, together with institutions and associations, aimed at developing scientific and innovative solutions concerning both research and SMEs.

At EU level UNITUS can boost the participation and coordination of projects within the LLP framework and informal training pathways 4 Leonardo da Vinci PLM projects.The same University staff is coordinating another Grundtvig multilateral project named EDU.CARE that deals with elderly carers’ education and training.

UNITUS will play the role of Project Coordinator providing the internal structure of COPI (International Projects Coordination Task Force) for the financial and administrative tasks and the scientific coordinator, Prof. Gianluca Biggio (DISUCOM).

In the REHAB project, consistently with its role of coordinator, the UNITUS will be responsible for the whole Project Management and Coordination (WP1) and will support the definition of the Design of methodology and modules for training and communication trial (WP2), assisting in the implementation of the Communication and Training Trial (WP3) core activity of the REHAB, that will be applied on inmates and staff in two detention institutes Viterbo (Italy) and Madrid (Spain). The trials will be organized in Trainers’ training on communicational skills and sensitivity groups, Internal training groups in Health-care Communication and sensitivity groups techniques. UNITUS will also contribute in Dissemination activities (WP6) and Exploitation of results (WP7).

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